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It is often thought that Dalmatians originated in Dalmatia, Croatia, but this is not the case.  The exact origins of the Dalmatian is shrouded in mystery. Spotted dogs have appeared in Europe, Asia, and Africa. They have been found painted on walls of tombs running behind Egyptian chariots, in frescos and even in letters sent from poet Jurij Dalmatin to a Bohemian duchess in 1500's.

From these first spotted dogs, the breed quickly spread all over Europe with some suggesting they traveled with the Gypsies and the Romany people.  Wherever he comes from, the Dalmatian has been known by many names; the English Coach Dog, the Carriage Dog, the Plum Pudding Dog, the Fire House Dog and the Spotted Dick.

 The Dalmatian has served many purposes over the breeds history.  They have been a dog of war, guarding and keeping watch over the borders of Dalmatia, Croatia.  As a shepherd and ratter on the farm.  As a pointer and retriever in the field.  On large game, bringing down stags and wild boar.  In the circus as a performer.  Is there any breed more versatile?

 But perhaps it is what they are best known for and what they excel at, that makes the breed truly unique. They are the only breed bred for carriage work.  With a natural affinity for horses, Dalmatians have been extensively documented trailing horse-drawn carriages through the countryside in an exercise known as coaching, effortlessly trotting for miles and miles under the axle of the vehicle, keeping an ever vigilant guard.  

During the times before motorised vehicles, firehouses used Dalmatians to clear the path to the fire, to keep the horses company and stand guard over the carriage.  This association between firehouses and Dalmatians has been passed down to today; for what is a firehouse without their Dalmatian mascot!

 Whatever the duty required of the breed today, be it in the performance ring competing in agility, fly-ball, obedience, conformation or accompanying its owner on a leisurely walk in the park then settling down to snooze by the fire, there is no other breed quite like the Dalmatian. 




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